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The Jengaburu Curse (TV-16+)


The Jengaburu Curse Season 1

Original network 
OTT Release Date 

9 August 2023.
Climate fiction Thriller.
Nila Madhab Panda.
Faria Abdullah,M Nassar,Makrand Deshpande,Sudev Nair.

The Jengaburu Curse : story

The Jengaburu Curse is a climate fiction thriller exposing the consequences of exploiting natural resources. Priya, a financial analyst from London, returns to Odisha after a mysterious call regarding her missing activist father. Amidst bauxite mining and tribal displacement, she uncovers surprising links between London and Odisha. A gripping mystery unfolds.

The Jengaburu Curse : season 1

Season 1

7 Episode

The Jengaburu Curse : season 1

Priya Das hastily comes back to India from London upon learning of her father, Prof. Das’ disappearance.. Accompanied by Ravichandran Rao, they identify a corpse, but it isn’t her father. Shockingly, she realizes her entire tribe has vanished, unraveling a perplexing mystery.

Priya unearths a startling revelation from Prof. Das’s medical records after Man Singh’s demise. The files unveil a perplexing illness outbreak in Keonjhar, with Jengaburu at its heart.”

Dying Or Disappearing, Priya, grieving over Prof. Das’s death, faces pressure to depart Odisha post-funeral. Yet, an enduring question lingers: What was her father investigating?

Fueled by her relentless pursuit of truth, Priya forgoes London and clandestinely partners with Beatrice. They delve into the enigmatic funding of Dutta Mines amid staggering losses. Can they unearth the depths of this financial deception?

Billion Dollar Curse, amidst a journalist’s mysterious demise and continuous wealth influx at Dutta Mines, Priya stumbles upon an enigmatic rock. Her attempt to have it lab-tested jeopardizes her life. Can she unveil the rock’s true secrets?

As authorities close in on Priya, she takes shelter in the forest. Here, she discovers news of an impending delivery from the Mines. Can she unravel more of the mystery?

International backing for Dutta Mines traces to a London billionaire. Priya and her Bondria comrades strive to penetrate the mines, invoking the legend of Tamba Nagraj. Their mission: halt the delivery and reclaim their ancestral territory.

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