Justified: City Primeval

Justified City Primeval (TV-MA)


Justified: City Primeval

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18 July 2023.                                                Neo-Western, Action, Crime, Drama.    English.
Dave Andron, Michael Dinner.
Timothy Olyphant, Aunjanue Ellis, Vondie Curtis-Hall, Adelaide Clemens, Marin Ireland, Victor Williams, Norbert Leo Butz.

Justified City Primeval : story

In the web series “Justified City Primeval,” set eight years after departing Kentucky, Givens now resides in Miami, navigating the dual roles of a marshal and a part-time father to a 14-year-old girl. A fateful encounter on a Florida highway propels him to Detroit, where he crosses paths with Clement Mansell, aka The Oklahoma Wildman. Mansell, a violent sociopath who once evaded Detroit’s grasp, is determined to slip through the city’s fingers once more, setting the stage for a thrilling showdown amidst the primeval chaos of “Justified City Primeval.”

Justified City Primeval : season 1

Season 1

8 Episode

Justified City Primeval : season 1

Raylan’s attempt to send his 15-year-old daughter, Willa, to camp goes awry when carjackers target him. Missing the camp’s deadline, he’s forced to bring her along to Detroit while he transports the criminals. Raylan and Willa’s courtroom antics irk Judge Alvin Guy, resulting in dropped charges but also drawing Raylan into a murder investigation. Revelations of Guy’s sexual favors for legal gain come to light. Meanwhile, dangerous criminal Clement “The Oklahoma Wildman” Mansell arrives in Detroit, targeting wealthy Skender Lulgjuraj, while a fatal encounter unfolds involving Guy and a mysterious notebook.


In 2017, bar owner Andrew “Sweety” Sweeton unwittingly aids in a robbery set up by Mansell, leading to the deaths of Sweety’s drug-dealing friends. Overwhelmed by guilt, Sweety decides to cooperate with the authorities, prompting attorney Carolyn Wilder to approach Mansell. In the present, Raylan and detective Wendell Robinson trace Mansell’s abandoned car to Sandy’s penthouse, revealing her connection to Mansell’s past. Mansell pressures her to dispose of the gun used in a murder, but she hides it in Sweety’s bar. As tension escalates, Sweety, now implicated, contacts Carolyn for help, while Mansell, Raylan, and Willa engage in a chilling confrontation.


Mansell complains to Carolyn about Raylan’s beating but is silenced upon admitting he provoked it. Despite arrests, none reveal the location of a hidden gun. Sweety’s worker, Trennell, secretly finds it and informs Carolyn, demanding a deal. Raylan, suspicious of Skender and Sandy, sends Willa away for safety.


Mansell incapacitates Skender by trapping his leg under a closing door. Skender’s influential uncle dispatches enforcer brothers after Mansell. They coerce Sandy’s boss into revealing her address. Carolyn offers Sweety protection in exchange for the gun, but he declines, having learned about Guy’s incriminating notebook from Mansell. The brothers interrogate Sandy’s roommate to lure her back, but Mansell intervenes. By chance, Raylan and Bryl discover the situation, killing one brother. Concerned Albanians tail Carolyn, so she calls Raylan for help. He guards her house, and she offers him a drink.


Mansell and Sweety blackmail realtor Burt Dickey to erase Mansell’s name from the notebook but are dissatisfied and steal a valuable painting. Carolyn’s attempt to reconcile with her ex, Jamal, backfires when she discovers he’s dating someone else, meaning she’s paid unwarranted alimony. She demands access to the notebook from Sweety. Raylan investigates Mansell’s past, uncovering a staged self-defense shooting by a deceased criminal.


Dickey enlists Lonnie to retrieve the stolen painting from Mansell. Raylan and detective Maureen Downey pressure prosecutor Diane Rogers, whose name appears in the notebook, for assistance in capturing Mansell and Sweety. Diane offers a bribe for her name’s removal, while Lonnie approaches Sweety, unaware the painting’s already been sold. Mansell’s arrest at their meeting prevents Lonnie from killing him. However, after his release, Mansell retrieves his gun and exacts vengeance, killing Sweety and Lonnie before setting their building ablaze.

In 1988, Sweety becomes Carolyn’s guardian. In the present, Carolyn and Raylan discover the gun’s moved. Sandy refuses to testify against Mansell. Downey tries framing an innocent man. Bryl confesses to planting evidence, giving Raylan Mansell’s gun. Sandy flees with his money, leading to a confrontation. Albanians, alerted by Carolyn, kidnap Raylan and Sandy, tossing Mansell’s gun into the Rouge.

The Albanians bring Raylan and Mansell to Skender’s home. Raylan locks Mansell in the safe room to die. Police detain Downey, planning charges. Carolyn implicates Rogers as corrupt. Skender attempts to free Mansell but is killed. Mansell massacres and robs the Albanians. Raylan anticipates his next target is Carolyn, waits, and kills him, mistaking a cassette tape for a weapon. Raylan retires in Miami despite an offer from Dan Grant. Carolyn, now a judge, seeks to meet him someday. Boyd escapes prison. On a boat, Willa asks Raylan about his retirement, interrupted by a call from the Lexington marshal’s office.

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