The Night Manager

The Night Manager (A)


The Night Manager

Original network 
OTT Release Date 

Disney+ Hotstar.
16 February 2023.
Espionage, Suspense, Crime Drama.             Hindi.
Sandeep Modi, Priyanka Ghose.
Anil Kapoor, Aditya Roy Kapur, Sobhita Dhulipala.

The Night Manager : story

In “The Night manager” web series – Shantanu ‘Shaan’ Sengupta, a former Indian Navy Lieutenant, is thrust into a crisis when he encounters Safina Kidwai, a 14-year-old girl trapped in a forced marriage in Dhaka. Safina steals Shaan’s phone, revealing illegal arms dealings between her husband and a shady figure, Shailendra ‘Shelly’ Rungta. After Shaan reports this to RAW officer Lipika Saikia Rao, she urges him to protect Safina. But tragically, she falls to her death. Two years later, Shaan, still haunted, crosses paths with Shelly again, setting in motion a plan to bring down the criminal syndicate from within.

The Night Manager : season 1

Season 1

7 Episode

The Night Manager : season 1

Former Indian Navy Lieutenant Shantanu “Shaan” Sengupta, working at a Dhaka hotel during the 2017 Rohingya crisis, is drawn into a dangerous web when Safina Kidwai seeks his help to escape. Her phone records damning evidence of illegal arms deals involving Shelly and her husband. Tragedy strikes, leaving Shaan haunted and reclusive in Shimla, until Shelly reemerges.

Shaan covertly shares intel with Lipika during Shelly’s stay. Impressed by Shaan’s demeanor, Shelly gifts him his coat. Lipika, now demoted, collaborates with Shaan to infiltrate Shelly’s syndicate. They execute a plan, enabling Shaan to get close to Shelly in Sri Lanka, where he stages a daring rescue for his son.

Infiltrating Shelly’s gang, Shaan sows discord effectively. He discovers Shelly’s financial crisis and his plan to meet Riyadh’s oil magnate, Bargati, for a lifesaving deal. Shaan also learns of Shelly’s Indian partner, using the alias Indra Dhanush. Lipika engineers a scheme in Riyadh, orchestrating BJ’s arrest under the Middle East’s strict laws against homosexuality.

Shaan’s acceptance of the CEO role within Shelly’s syndicate marks the beginning of a strategic game. He works undercover, gaining Shelly’s trust while secretly gathering evidence to expose the criminal operations. The 30 days become a crucial window to bring down the empire and deliver justice for Safina and others who suffered.

Lipika’s team uncovers links between Shelly and “Indranush,” hinting at Mittal’s involvement. Armed with incriminating notes with GV’s handwriting, they approach Mittal’s superior. Meanwhile, Shelly assigns Shaan as the new CEO with financial control. A high-stakes deal and a deadly confrontation with GV intensify the operation, leading to a complex showdown.

Mittal pressures Lipika to reveal her insider, resorting to a committee hearing. Meanwhile, Shelly suspects a traitor within his crew. Shaan showcases weapons in Dubai, witnessed by a mysterious figure. Shelly manipulates events, leading to BJ’s death. Shaan shares a truck list with Lipika, but it yields no weapons. Shelly unveils a hidden arsenal, and the story takes a sinister turn as they return to Dhaka. Simultaneously, Lipika faces a brutal attack at home, escaping death by a narrow margin.

After surviving an assassination attempt, Lipika convinces Mittal of Shelly’s treachery, receiving a 48-hour window to gather evidence. In Dhaka, Shelly’s dealings with “What’s-in-a-Name” targeting India become clear. Shaan, aided by Kaveri, obtains vital information. Shelly’s weapons plot is foiled. Shaan’s evidence leads to Shelly’s arrest, who later faces an unexpected twist, and justice prevails

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