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April 20, 2023.
Drama, Political thriller, Comedy.                 English.
Debora Cahn.
Keri Russell, Rufus Sewell, David Gyasi, Ali Ahn, Rory Kinnear, Ato Essandoh.

The Diplomat : story

“The Diplomat” centers on a diplomatic crisis between the UK and Iran, threatening broader international conflict. US diplomat Kate Wyler, initially bound for Afghanistan, is appointed ambassador to the UK. The series kicks off with the HMS Courageous attack in the Persian Gulf, prompting Kate to uncover the truth behind it, which she believes is necessary to prevent a catastrophic war. Amidst UK Prime Minister Nicol Trowbridge and the US Vice President’s hawkishness, Kate, with her team, navigates diplomacy, politics, and personal challenges. The story delves into her struggle to avoid the VP role and her desire for a divorce from her husband.

The Diplomat : season 1

Season 1

8 Episode

The Diplomat : season 1

Amidst US-Iran tensions, a UK aircraft carrier attack forces diplomat Kate Wyler to become US ambassador to the UK. She navigates political intrigue, aiming to prevent further hostilities. Meanwhile, her husband, Hal, schemes for her vice presidential candidacy. As they plan a divorce, Hal is abducted, adding to the diplomatic challenges.


Hal recovers from being drugged and speaks with Iran’s deputy foreign minister, Rasoul Shahin, who denies involvement in the carrier attack. Shahin claims they halted an assassination plot to avert a diplomatic crisis. Hal informs Eidra, raising concerns. During a memorial event, UK PM Trowbridge’s aggressive rhetoric escalates tensions. Eidra shares Hal’s info with the CIA. Kate opposes President Rayburn’s visit but is overruled. She learns that Hal had revealed his presence to Shahin, and he hints at a vice presidency offer, leaving her in shock.


Kate reveals Hal as the source to convince Rayburn that Iran isn’t behind the attack. She arranges a lunch between Rayburn and Trowbridge through Dennison’s help. Eidra learns Hal contacted Shahin first. Rayburn plans to send a carrier group, but Kate discovers Trowbridge’s deception. Kate discusses the vice presidency offer with Appiah, considering it. Learning Hal floated her name to save their marriage, she confronts him. Kate tries to resign as ambassador and decline the vice presidency, but Rayburn rejects it, and Billie pretends not to hear her.


Kate, Hayford, and Eidra hatch a plan to send a covert signal to Iranian intelligence seeking information on the carrier attack. At a gala, Trowbridge’s surprise revelation strains US-UK relations. Iran responds, and Kate arranges a meeting with the Iranian ambassador while secretly attending. Hayford discloses his past involvement in Appiah’s campaign before his shift to the Foreign Service. The Iranian ambassador hints at Roman Lenkov’s involvement in the attack and suddenly dies. In a later debriefing, Dennison’s accidental spill leads to an awkward exchange with Kate.


Kate, Hal, and Hayford convene at Chevening for a strategy meeting led by Dennison concerning Iran and Russia. Trowbridge disrupts the gathering, pushing for a tough stance on Russia. Despite proposing sanctions, Trowbridge leans towards military action, risking a nuclear response. Meanwhile, Hal’s encounter with Cecilia leads to a kiss during a pond dip, and he later confesses to Kate. The Iranian ambassador’s death is attributed to a heart attack, dispelling suspicions. Kate surprises the group by presenting Trowbridge with a list of Russian targets.


In the midst of diplomatic tensions between the U.S. and Iran, Kate Wyler reluctantly becomes the U.S. ambassador to the UK. After a British aircraft carrier is attacked, she suspects Iran’s innocence and seeks the truth. Kate navigates political challenges, her marriage, and a potential vice presidency offer amid escalating global tensions.

Kate receives crucial information from the Russian ambassador about Lenkov’s whereabouts in France. Hal informs her of Rayburn’s plan to fire Ganon. She rushes to Washington, D.C. to personally deliver the intel, but her efforts are thwarted in a chaotic meeting. Rayburn approves a joint operation with the British to apprehend Lenkov. Returning to London, Trowbridge voices his dissatisfaction with the failed Libya plan and argues for a more assertive approach.

Kate and Dennison plan a trip to Paris for French support on a British operation. Meanwhile, Appiah informs Hayford about Kate’s possible vice presidency, straining his relationship with Eidra. Hal delivers a notable speech, raising suspicions, while Kate learns of an assassination plot, suggesting Trowbridge’s involvement. Hayford and Hal get caught in a car-bomb explosion.

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