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Welcome to the thrilling world of “Cobra Kai,” a web series that has taken the entertainment industry by storm. Cobra Kai is not just a show; it’s a phenomenon. Created by Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg, and Josh Heald, this series is a nostalgic journey back to the iconic “Karate Kid” universe. With its unique blend of martial arts action, character development, and compelling storytelling, Cobra Kai has captivated audiences worldwide.

IMDB Raiting : 8.5/10

Season Start date : 2 May 2018

Genre(s) : Action, Comedy-drama, Martial arts

Cast(s):Ralph Macchio,William Zabka, Courtney Henggeler. Xolo Maridueña, Tanner Buchanan, Mary Mouse.

Season 1

The inaugural season of Cobra Kai rekindles the rivalry between Johnny Lawrence (played by William Zabka) and Daniel LaRusso (played by Ralph Macchio). Set thirty-four years after their epic showdown in the original Karate Kid film, the series introduces a new generation of karate enthusiasts. Johnny reopens the Cobra Kai dojo, reigniting old tensions and setting the stage for an intense martial arts showdown.

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Ace Degenerate

In “Cobra Kai” Season 1, Episode 1, titled “Ace Degenerate,” the story kicks off as Johnny Lawrence, a down-and-out handyman, reopens the infamous Cobra Kai dojo. His decision reignites the rivalry with Daniel LaRusso and sets the stage for a fresh clash of philosophies, introducing viewers to the heart of the series’ conflict and drama.

Strike First

In Season 1, Episode 2, titled “Strike First,” Johnny Lawrence starts teaching his new students the Cobra Kai mantra. Meanwhile, tensions between Johnny and Daniel escalate, leading to a confrontation. The episode delves deeper into the resurgence of the Cobra Kai dojo and the rekindled rivalry that drives the series forward.


In Season 1, Episode 3, titled “Esqueleto,” Johnny Lawrence faces challenges as he tries to revitalize the Cobra Kai dojo. The episode introduces new students and explores the struggles they face under Johnny’s unconventional teaching methods. As the legacy of Cobra Kai begins to take shape, the series delves deeper into the dynamics of the martial arts world.

Cobra Kai Never Dies

In Season 1, Episode 4, titled “Cobra Kai Never Dies,” the rivalry between Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso intensifies. Johnny’s determination to resurrect the Cobra Kai dojo faces setbacks, while Daniel continues to promote his own martial arts philosophy. The episode explores the lasting impact of the Cobra Kai legacy and the conflicts it stirs.


In Season 1, Episode 5, titled “Counterbalance,” tensions within the resurrected Cobra Kai dojo rise as Johnny Lawrence’s methods clash with the expectations of his students’ parents. Meanwhile, Daniel LaRusso, striving to uphold his own values, continues his quest to counter the influence of Cobra Kai in the community, setting the stage for further conflict and character development.


In Season 1, Episode 6, titled “Quiver,” the rivalry between Johnny Lawrence’s Cobra Kai and Daniel LaRusso’s Miyagi-Do dojos escalates. Johnny faces internal strife as he grapples with the consequences of his teaching methods. The episode delves into the emotional struggles of both senseis and their students, adding depth to the Cobra Kai narrative.

All Valley

In “Cobra Kai” Season 1, Episode 7, titled “All Valley,” the tension between Johnny Lawrence’s Cobra Kai and Daniel LaRusso’s Miyagi-Do dojos comes to a head at the All Valley Karate Tournament. The competition serves as a battleground for the philosophies and legacies of Cobra Kai, intensifying the series’ central conflict.


In Season 1, Episode 8, titled “Molting,” the aftermath of the All Valley Karate Tournament leaves both Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do dojos grappling with the consequences of their actions. Johnny Lawrence reevaluates his approach as the impact of Cobra Kai on his students becomes increasingly evident. The episode explores themes of transformation and growth within the Cobra Kai narrative.

Different But Same

In Season 1, Episode 9, titled “Different But Same,” the characters in the Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do dojos face personal challenges and pivotal moments in their journeys. Johnny Lawrence confronts his past while striving to redefine Cobra Kai’s identity. The episode emphasizes the complex and evolving nature of the Cobra Kai philosophy.


In the Season 1 finale , titled “Mercy,” the tensions between Johnny Lawrence’s Cobra Kai and Daniel LaRusso’s Miyagi-Do dojos culminate in an epic showdown at the All Valley Karate Tournament. The rivalry reaches its peak, challenging the very essence of Cobra Kai and leaving a lasting impact on the series’ characters and storyline.

Season 2

The second season continues the saga, diving deeper into the complex lives of Johnny and Daniel. As their rivalry intensifies, it becomes clear that their students are not immune to the conflict. With themes of redemption, honor, and the blurred lines between hero and villain, Cobra Kai Season 2 delivers gripping drama and exhilarating fight sequences.

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Mercy Part II

In Season 2, Episode 1, titled “Mercy Part II,” the fallout from the previous season’s tournament takes center stage. Cobra Kai reopens its doors under the leadership of Johnny Lawrence, while Daniel LaRusso continues to impart Miyagi-Do values. The episode delves into the complex aftermath, exploring the consequences and conflicts that arise within the world of Cobra Kai.

Back in Black

In Season 2, Episode 2, titled “Back in Black,” Johnny Lawrence’s attempts to reinvigorate the Cobra Kai dojo face challenges as rivalries intensify. Daniel LaRusso, now running Miyagi-Do, counters the resurgence of Cobra Kai with his own martial arts philosophy. The episode continues to explore the clash of ideologies within the world of Cobra Kai.

Fire and Ice

In Season 2, Episode 3, titled “Fire and Ice,” the rivalry between Johnny Lawrence’s Cobra Kai and Daniel LaRusso’s Miyagi-Do dojos escalates further. The students’ loyalty is tested as they navigate the conflicting teachings of their senseis. The episode explores the simmering tensions and divides within the world of Cobra Kai.

The Moment of Truth

In Season 2, Episode 4, titled “The Moment of Truth,” tensions mount as Johnny Lawrence’s Cobra Kai dojo faces controversy and resistance from parents and the community. Daniel LaRusso strives to counteract the influence of Cobra Kai, emphasizing his own values. The episode highlights the ongoing struggle for dominance within the Cobra Kai universe.

All In

In  Season 2, Episode 5, titled “All In,” the rivalry between Johnny Lawrence’s Cobra Kai and Daniel LaRusso’s Miyagi-Do dojos intensifies, pushing students and senseis to their limits. The episode showcases the fierce determination of each dojo’s members as they strive for victory and supremacy in the world of Cobra Kai.

Take a Right

In Season 2, Episode 6, titled “Take a Right,” the personal and moral dilemmas faced by Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso come to the forefront. As the rivalry between Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do escalates, the episode delves into the characters’ inner struggles, adding depth and complexity to the Cobra Kai narrative.


In Season 2, Episode 7, titled “Lull,” tensions within Johnny Lawrence’s Cobra Kai dojo reach a critical point. As the consequences of their actions become more apparent, both Johnny and his students grapple with the true nature of Cobra Kai’s philosophy. The episode highlights the moral and ethical dilemmas faced by those aligned with Cobra Kai.

Glory of Love

In Season 2, Episode 8, titled “Glory of Love,” the rivalries and conflicts between Johnny Lawrence’s Cobra Kai and Daniel LaRusso’s Miyagi-Do dojos come to a head. The episode explores themes of loyalty, redemption, and the enduring influence of Cobra Kai’s legacy on its students, setting the stage for a dramatic climax.


In Season 2, Episode 9, titled “Pulpo,” the tensions between Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do escalate, leading to a pivotal confrontation. The episode showcases the emotional and physical challenges faced by both dojos and their students. Cobra Kai’s philosophy and influence are tested as the battle intensifies, adding depth to the series’ central conflict.

No Mercy

In the thrilling Season 2 finale , titled “No Mercy,” the fierce rivalry between Johnny Lawrence’s Cobra Kai and Daniel LaRusso’s Miyagi-Do dojos culminates in a high-stakes showdown at the All Valley Karate Tournament. This epic battle tests the resolve and ideals of each dojo, leaving a lasting impact on the world of Cobra Kai.

Season 3

In the third season, the consequences of past actions come to the forefront. The characters face their demons and grapple with the legacy of karate in their lives. Cobra Kai explores themes of forgiveness and the impact of mentorship, all while maintaining its signature mix of martial arts action and emotional depth.

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In Season 3, Episode 1, titled “Aftermath,” the fallout from the intense tournament battle reverberates throughout Johnny Lawrence’s Cobra Kai and Daniel LaRusso’s Miyagi-Do dojos. The episode explores the emotional aftermath, as characters come to terms with their actions and the consequences of their choices, setting the stage for a season of reflection and transformation.

Nature Vs. Nurture

In Season 3, Episode 2, titled “Nature Vs. Nurture,” the characters continue to grapple with the aftermath of the tournament brawl. Johnny Lawrence reflects on his past as he seeks to redefine the teachings of Cobra Kai, while Daniel LaRusso travels to Japan in pursuit of his own path. The episode delves into the themes of legacy and identity within the world of Cobra Kai.

Now You're Gonna Pay

In Season 3, Episode 3, titled “Now You’re Gonna Pay,” the fallout from the tournament brawl forces Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso to confront their shared history and their roles in shaping the philosophies of Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do. The episode explores the complex relationship between these two senseis and their respective dojos within the Cobra Kai narrative.

The Right Path

In Season 3, Episode 4, titled “The Right Path,” the characters face the consequences of their past choices and actions. Johnny Lawrence strives to instill a sense of responsibility in his Cobra Kai students, while Daniel LaRusso grapples with the weight of his own legacy. The episode emphasizes the themes of redemption and self-discovery within the world of Cobra Kai.


In Season 3, Episode 5, titled “Miyagi-Do,” the characters embark on a journey of self-discovery. As Daniel LaRusso resurrects the Miyagi-Do dojo, the students confront their inner demons. Meanwhile, Johnny Lawrence strives to redefine Cobra Kai’s teachings. The episode delves into the moral and philosophical aspects that define both dojos within the Cobra Kai universe.

King Cobra

In Season 3, Episode 6, titled “King Cobra,” the characters’ personal journeys intensify. Johnny Lawrence faces internal turmoil as he questions his leadership of Cobra Kai, while Daniel LaRusso’s trip to Japan deepens his connection to Miyagi-Do. The episode explores the inner conflicts and transformations within both dojos, highlighting the central role of Cobra Kai in the narrative.


In Season 3, Episode 7, titled “Obstáculos,” the characters continue to grapple with personal challenges and obstacles within the world of Cobra Kai. Johnny Lawrence’s attempts to redefine the dojo’s philosophy face resistance, and Daniel LaRusso’s journey to Japan uncovers new insights. The episode emphasizes the enduring influence of Cobra Kai on its characters and their paths to redemption.

The Good, The Bad, and The Badass

In Season 3, Episode 8, titled “The Good, The Bad, and The Badass,” the characters confront their past and seek resolution. Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso set aside their differences to face a common enemy, testing the boundaries of Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do philosophies. The episode marks a pivotal moment in the series’ central conflict.

Feel The Night

In Season 3, Episode 9, titled “Feel The Night,” the characters navigate complex emotions and conflicts. Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso confront their shared history and the impact of their actions on their students. The episode explores themes of forgiveness and redemption within the context of Cobra Kai, adding depth to the series’ narrative.

December 19

In the intense Season 3 finale of , titled “December 19,” the rivalry between Johnny Lawrence’s Cobra Kai and Daniel LaRusso’s Miyagi-Do dojos reaches a climactic showdown at the All Valley Karate Tournament. The episode showcases the culmination of the characters’ growth, conflict resolution, and the legacy of Cobra Kai in a thrilling and emotionally charged conclusion.

Season 4

In “Cobra Kai” Season 4, Johnny and Daniel join forces with their students to confront Cobra Kai at the All-Valley Tournament, hoping to push Kreese out. Kreese, seeking an edge, enlists his old friend Terry Silver, inadvertently bringing forth a greater threat. The season features twelve main roles, including returning characters and newcomers. Notably, iconic figures from the film series make guest appearances, and two soundtrack albums were released on January 7, 2022, featuring music from the season. Season 4 was filmed in early 2021, bringing intense martial arts action and nostalgia to the series.

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Let's Begin

In Season 4, Episode 1, titled “Let’s Begin,” Eagle Fang and Miyagi-Do join forces to defeat Cobra Kai. Daniel and Johnny clash over training methods. Carmen wants to take things slow with Johnny. Kreese reaches out to Terry Silver, who declines to return to Cobra Kai, enjoying a peaceful life with his girlfriend. Johnny and Daniel disagree on integration, leading to a split, while Kreese recruits Robby. Hawk bridges the gap between students. Eventually, unity prevails, and Terry considers returning to Cobra Kai.

First Learn Stand

In Season 4, Episode 2, titled “First Learn Stand,” new student Kenny faces bullying, even from Anthony LaRusso. Daniel and Johnny swap teaching roles to understand each other’s methods. Amanda warns Tory to stay away from Sam, causing Tory to lose her job. Robby and Kreese continue Cobra Kai’s Miyagi-Do training. Kenny gets caught in a fight due to a cosplay prank, while Daniel confronts hockey players. Amanda offers groceries to Tory, who rejects the gesture, leading to a dealership confrontation. Kenny seeks help from his brother Shawn, who suggests turning to Robby for support.

Then Learn Fly

In Season 4, Episode 3, titled “Then Learn Fly,” Daniel hosts a family dinner with Johnny, Carmen, and Miguel, discussing their kids’ futures. Students switch dojos for mixed training. Kenny seeks Robby’s help at Cobra Kai but is initially rejected by Kreese. Daniel offers to fix Carmen’s car. Terry confronts Kreese for disturbing his peace, reflecting on their military past. Johnny and Carmen decide not to take things slow. Kenny convinces Kreese to let him train, and Terry decides to rejoin Cobra Kai.


In  Season 4, Episode 4, titled “Bicephaly,” tensions rise as Johnny becomes frustrated with Daniel bonding with Miguel. Kenny faces peer pressure at school to leave Cobra Kai. Kreese introduces Terry as a new sensei. Carmen wants to reveal her relationship to Miguel but holds back. Tory starts a job at a children’s venue. Robby trains Kenny, interrupted by Terry’s influence. Johnny reflects on his past, while Daniel teaches Miguel to drive. Amanda and Sam attend a party at Tory’s workplace, leading to her resignation. Robby confronts Johnny about Kenny, nearly sparking a brawl at a drive-in theater until Miguel intervenes. The episode culminates in a confrontation between Terry, Kreese, Daniel, and Johnny at the Miyagi dojo.

Match Point

In Season 4, Episode 5, titled “Match Point,” tension mounts as Terry attempts to apologize to Daniel, who rejects the gesture and asks him and Kreese to leave. Kreese criticizes Johnny’s role. Terry announces a moratorium on fighting until the All-Valley Tournament. Daniel proposes Johnny take over training all students. Johnny suggests a tournament-style fight, with the winner leading both dojos. Disagreements arise on training methods, and Cobra Kai students retaliate against Hawk. Despite attempts to reach an agreement, Daniel and Johnny face off in a match that ends in a tie, leading to a permanent dojo split.

Kicks Get Chicks

In Season 4, Episode 6, titled “Kicks Get Chicks,” the All-Valley board debates tournament changes but ultimately agrees to add a skills competition and a girls’ division. Miyagi-Do and Cobra Kai adapt quickly, but Eagle Fang resists due to a lack of female members. Tory faces financial troubles, turning to Amanda for school re-enrollment approval. Hawk quits karate, and Johnny recruits Piper for Eagle Fang. Sam and Amanda clash over Tory’s return to school. Daniel fails to motivate Robby, who later joins Cobra Kai. Sam seeks advice from Aisha in Santa Barbara, and Hawk joins Miyagi-Do. Sam confronts Tory at school.


In Season 4, Episode 7, titled “Minefields,” Anthony plays a prank on Kenny, escalating their rivalry. Johnny considers revealing his relationship with Carmen to Miguel, who begins suspecting it himself. Daniel discovers Kenny’s Cobra Kai hoodie in Anthony’s room, leading to a confrontation. Kreese and Terry bet on training strategies focusing on exploiting opponents’ weaknesses. Carmen and Johnny inform Miguel about their relationship. Miyagi-Do and Anthony start weapons and skills training. Johnny introduces Eagle Fang to Devon Lee, a new recruit. Concerned about Miguel’s injury, Johnny initially restrains his training. Disappointed with Anthony’s shortcuts, Daniel faces training challenges. Miguel is uncomfortable with Johnny treating him differently due to Carmen. Kenny defends against Anthony and friends, resulting in Anthony’s suspension. Johnny ultimately allows Miguel to resume training, joined by Sam, who seeks both Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang training. Tensions rise between Kreese and Terry due to differing training methods.

Party Time

In Season 4, Episode 8, titled “Party Time,” Stingray is released from probation and eyes a return to Cobra Kai. The students prepare for prom under Kreese and Terry’s psychological training. Tory asks Robby to prom, and Kreese denies Stingray’s request to rejoin. Sam and Miguel plan to attend together. Robby’s mom, Shannon, reveals Terry’s gifts to Johnny. Prom tensions rise as Sam and Miguel are distracted by Robby and Tory. Terry suggests moving Cobra Kai. Daniel’s cousin, Vanessa, blames Daniel and Amanda for Anthony’s actions. A fight erupts at Stingray’s afterparty. Anthony vows self-improvement. Johnny’s words inadvertently hurt Miguel, while Terry attacks Stingray for seeking reinstatement.

The Fall

In Season 4, Episode 9, titled “The Fall,” Cobra Kai, Eagle Fang, and Miyagi-Do face off at the All-Valley Tournament. Each sensei offers a last-minute pep talk before the skills competition. Cobra Kai wins, Miyagi-Do takes second, and Eagle Fang places sixth. Carrie Underwood performs, leading to the fighting competition. Eagle Fang loses the female division when Tory defeats Devon. Daniel confronts Robby for Cobra Kai’s use of Miyagi-Do techniques. Eli gains confidence and beats Kyler, while Sam wins against Piper. Kenny faces Robby, resulting in Kenny’s elimination with a broken nose. In the semi-finals, Miguel faces Eli and sustains a pulled back muscle.

The Rise

In Season 4, Episode 10, titled “The Rise,” Miguel is cleared to fight, but Kenny’s aggression raises concerns. Sam and Tory reach the finals for the women’s division. Miguel mysteriously vanishes, advancing Eli to face Robby. Daniel encourages Eli to blend Cobra Kai and Eagle Fang techniques, leading to Eli’s victory. Inspired by this, Daniel and Johnny propose creating a new style called “Miyagi-Fang.” Tory wins with Kreese’s intervention, allowing Cobra Kai to clinch the overall tournament. However, Tory catches Terry bribing the referee. Robby and Johnny reconcile, Kreese gets arrested, and Miguel heads to Mexico to find his father. Daniel seeks Chozen’s help to confront Cobra Kai once and for all.

Season 5

In Season 5, Terry Silver, now in sole control of Cobra Kai, aims to expand its reach across the valley. This prompts Daniel to join forces with Chozen Toguchi, a new ally, in a final attempt to defeat Silver and his ruthless dojo. Meanwhile, Johnny takes on the challenge of mending the rivalry between his students, Robby and Miguel.
The season boasts twelve starring roles, with eleven returning from the previous season. Additionally, Dallas Dupree Young is elevated to the main cast, having previously recurred, while Gianni DeCenzo is demoted to a recurring role and credited as a “special guest star.”

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Long, Long Way from Home

In Season 5, Episode 1, titled “Long, Long Way from Home,” Terry Silver initiates his Cobra Kai expansion, opening a flagship dojo in Encino and acquiring local dojos across the San Fernando Valley. Johnny and Robby journey to Mexico to find Miguel, with Robby initially resisting but later helping his father thwart Australian scammers. Miguel discovers his biological father, Hector Salazar, and saves Hector’s son, Luis. Miguel stays with Hector’s family. As part of his Cobra Kai deal, Daniel plans to close Miyagi-Do. Chozen identifies Silver’s moves and his master, Kim Sun-yung. Daniel and Chozen devise a plan to expose Silver’s malevolence, with Chozen posing as an auditioning sensei.


In Season 5, Episode 2, titled “Molé,” a flashback shows young Chozen training under his uncle, Sato, in 1972. Johnny and Robby have their van towed, leading them to participate in a spicy pepper challenge to retrieve it. Robby wins with a secret candy boost from Johnny. Miguel discovers his father, Hector, doesn’t know him and joins Hector at an underground fight ring, hinting at Hector’s shady past. Miguel reunites tearfully with Johnny after realizing his mother’s warning was accurate. Meanwhile, Silver introduces new senseis to his students. Tory exposes Silver’s bribe to the tournament referee and learns about Chozen’s identity. Chozen defeats Silver’s senseis and warns him to stay away from the LaRussos.

Playing with Fire

In Season 5, Episode 3, titled “Playing with Fire,” Carmen tells Johnny she might be pregnant, prompting him to clean up his act. Miguel fears a breakup with Sam and seeks advice from friends, even considering an octopus necklace. Sam confronts her past during a spa day with Yasmine and Moon. She tells Miguel she needs a break to find herself. Daniel and Chozen seek Mike Barnes, Silver’s old associate, believing Silver will call upon old friends for help. They discover Barnes has changed and severed ties with Silver, apologizing to Daniel for past actions. Barnes provides Silver’s former attorney’s contact. Silver retaliates by burning Daniel’s furniture store, shocking Barnes.

Downward Spiral

In Season 5, Episode 4, titled “Downward Spiral,” Shannon visits Johnny to take Robby for the summer. Learning of Carmen’s pregnancy, Shannon advises Johnny to become a rideshare driver. His first day is disastrous, with one-star reviews piling up due to his poor driving, loud music, and unclean car. Johnny considers quitting but finds inspiration to provide for his new family from a pawn shop owner. He asks Shannon for a second chance with Robby. Meanwhile, a feud erupts among the teens at a waterpark, culminating in Tory’s victory through cheating. Robby, aware of Silver’s manipulation, breaks up with Tory, urging her to leave Cobra Kai. At a charity auction hosted by Silver, Daniel’s anger embarrasses Amanda, who departs for Columbus, Ohio, taking the children with her due to Daniel’s fixation on the rivalry.

Extreme Measures

In Season 5, Episode 5, titled “Extreme Measures,” Johnny’s attempts to reconcile Miguel and Robby fail until he has them fight each other, leading to their reconciliation. He unintentionally reveals Carmen’s pregnancy, bringing them joy. Daniel, struggling with Amanda’s departure, learns Stingray lied about Kreese assaulting him. When Daniel apologizes to Stingray, Silver ambushes and beats him, leaving him demoralized. In Ohio, Amanda discovers Silver’s torment of Daniel in 1985, prompting her and the children to return home to care for the injured Daniel. Tory and imprisoned Kreese plot to take down Silver, now aware of his true nature.


In Season 5, Episode 6, titled “Ouroboros,” Silver enlists South Korean senseis led by Kim Da-eun, granddaughter of Kim Sun-yung, taking over Topanga Karate and rebranding it as Cobra Kai. They host a brutal combat tournament where Devon Lee fails against Tory. Devon joins Cobra Kai briefly. In prison, Kreese earns respect by standing up to inmates after his parole hearing is denied. Daniel quits karate, but after reconciling with Robby at the Miyagi-Do dojo, he’s inspired to continue the fight alongside Johnny and Chozen against Silver’s new recruits.

Bad Eggs,

In Season 5, Episode 7, titled “Bad Eggs,” a flashback to 1980 shows Silver and Kreese training in South Korea. Daniel and Johnny visit Kreese to learn about Silver’s motives. Meanwhile, Chozen becomes the students’ temporary sensei and sets up an egg protection challenge. After initial failures, the students succeed by working together. At Cobra Kai, Silver and Kim split the students into groups, leading to mixed results in combat. Kenny stands out by defeating Kyler and Sensei Odell. Daniel and Johnny gather information about Silver’s plan to enroll Cobra Kai in the elite Sekai Taikai tournament, aiming for global expansion.


In Season 5, Episode 8, titled “Taikai,” the Sekai Taikai selection committee meets with Silver at the Cobra Kai dojo. Daniel, Johnny, Amanda, and Chozen intervene to convince the judges to consider Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang for the tournament. Impressed by both dojos’ presentations, the judges arrange a tournament-style showcase to decide participants. Cobra Kai selects Kenny and Tory, while Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang pick Eli and Sam. Kreese’s scheme fails, and Tory flees, replaced by Devon in her fight against Sam. Despite a rigged match, Sam wins, and both dojos are allowed into the Sekai Taikai. Tory confesses to Sam about the rigged All-Valley match at a party at Johnny’s apartment.


In Season 5, Episode 9, titled “Survivors,” Sam confronts Tory for her inaction regarding the rigged tournament. Silver and Kim punish Tory by forcing her to punch through a stone dummy, injuring her hand. Robby tries to convince Cobra Kai students to quit, but they resist. Miguel, Sam, Hawk, Demetri, and Bert seek the truth from Stingray, who is afraid of Silver. Sam gives Tory a chance, and they plan to gather evidence against Silver. After discovering Carmen’s pregnancy, Johnny, Daniel, Amanda, and Chozen celebrate at a club. Chozen reveals his feelings for Kumiko and leaves her a voicemail. During their night out, their limo is hijacked, and Chozen suspects Silver’s involvement.

Head of the Snake

In Season 5, Episode 10, titled “Head of the Snake,” Kreese’s attempt at mercy in prison takes a dark turn, with his fate left uncertain. Barnes launches an attack on Silver’s mansion with Johnny and Chozen. Daniel initially refuses to join but later reconsiders. Silver and Chozen have a deadly fight, with Chozen wounded. Johnny faces the senseis alone but is motivated by the ultrasound of his unborn child. Tory helps infiltrate Cobra Kai, but the video evidence is deleted. A brawl breaks out between the dojos, joined by Kim. Eventually, evidence of Silver’s manipulation is exposed, leading to his arrest. Tory and Robby reconcile, while Sam and Miguel confess their love. Chozen is hospitalized, and Barnes steals from Silver. Daniel, Johnny, and their students celebrate, unaware of Kreese’s escape from prison.


In conclusion, Cobra Kai isn’t just a web series; it’s a cultural phenomenon. Its ability to seamlessly blend nostalgia with fresh storytelling has earned it a dedicated fanbase. With each season, it continues to evolve, offering viewers a compelling narrative, well-choreographed fight scenes, and characters they can’t help but root for. Whether you’re a fan of the original “Karate Kid” films or new to the franchise, Cobra Kai offers something for everyone—a timeless tale of rivalry, redemption, and the enduring power of martial arts. Don’t miss out on this action-packed journey that keeps getting better with every episode. Cobra Kai is here to stay, and it’s taking the world of entertainment by storm.

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