Inspector Avinash

Inspector Avinash (UA 16+)


Inspector Avinash

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OTT Release Date 

18 May 2023.
Crime, Thriller, Action.                                    Hindi.
Neeraj Pathak.
Randeep Hooda, Urvashi Rautela, Amit Sial, Abhimanyu Singh, Akanksha Puri, Ayeesha Aiman, Bidita Bag.

Inspector Avinash : story

Inspector Avinash draws inspiration from the real-life exploits of Uttar Pradesh’s top cop, Avinash Mishra. The series chronicles his relentless journey, from dedicated police officer to STF leader, as he confronts a menacing threat – a contract killing targeting the Chief Minister. The Home Minister’s command for an elite STF sets the stage for a gritty battle against the infamous gangster, Sri Prakash Shukla. Avinash’s unwavering determination propels the narrative, revealing the complexities of his character and the high-stakes war against organized crime. It’s a gripping tale of hope, resilience, and the indomitable spirit of a cop committed to justice.

Inspector Avinash : season 1

Season 1

6 Episode

Inspector Avinash : season 1

Set in the crime-ridden landscape of 1998 Uttar Pradesh, a Special Task Force emerges to combat the chaos. Inspector Avinash Mishra, a complex yet determined cop, takes charge. His mission: dismantle a nefarious weapons cartel that threatens the state’s peace and security.

Inspector Avinash and his team journey to Rishikesh on a vital mission. In the picturesque surroundings, Avinash stumbles upon a critical clue that connects to the dangerous weapon cartel they’re pursuing.

As the cartel intensifies efforts to erase their traces, Avinash and his team find themselves ensnared in a web of conspiracies. Avinash confronts a profound setback, as the relentless pursuit takes a toll on their mission against the formidable criminal organization.

Azimuddin Ghulam Shiekh emerges as Avinash’s formidable adversary, triggering political tensions. Avinash transforms defeat into victory by targeting Sri Prakash Shukla’s right-hand man. Despite facing immense challenges, his relentless pursuit of justice continues, making him an indomitable force in the face of adversity.

Sheikh’s intricate plot against a political rival evolves into a pivotal mission for the STF. Avinash’s focus turns towards Devi, an enigmatic adversary. His unwavering determination is put to the test in a race against time, as he confronts not only criminals but also his own inner demons.

Avinash’s journey comes full circle as he reconciles with his father. A nostalgic reflection unveils his enduring fascination with crime. However, a brutal rape case becomes the breaking point, pushing Avinash to his limits. In a torrent of fury, he unleashes chaos in his relentless pursuit of justice.

Haunted by his previous defeat, Avinash is determined to apprehend Babloo Pandey and ensure justice prevails. As he races against time to capture him, Ahalwat’s allegiances become clear. During a dramatic confrontation, Babloo Pandey unveils startling revelations before Avinash, adding further twists to their high-stakes pursuit.

The conflict intensifies when Avinash confronts Sheikh, casting doubt on the presence of a mole within their team. Simultaneously, an old adversary from Avinash’s past reemerges, injecting a fresh layer of complexity into the unfolding drama. As suspicions grow and alliances are tested, the stakes escalate, and the once-cohesive team finds itself navigating a treacherous web of intrigue and personal vendettas, further deepening the suspense and tension of the unfolding narrative.

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