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8.4/10.                                  Amazon Prime Video.
10 February 2023.
Crime thriller,Black comedy.
Raj & DK.
Shahid Kapoor, Vijay Sethupathi, Kay Kay Menon, Raashii Khanna, Bhuvan Arora.

Farzi : story

Farzi tells the story of Sunny, an artist disheartened by income inequality in India after his grandfather’s revolutionary printing press fails. He partners with his close friend Firoz to counterfeit money. Their journey is fraught with obstacles from Mansoor, a gangster, and Michael, a cop. Co-creator Raj Nidimoru explains that the title, “Farzi,” meaning “fake,” symbolizes both counterfeiting and the inherent “fakeness” in people.

FARZI : season 1

Season 1

8 Episode

FARZI : season 1

Sunny, a struggling artist, helps his idealistic grandfather, Madhav, run a printing press with his best friend, Firoz. Financial troubles threaten their business, leading a disillusioned Sunny and Firoz to contemplate printing counterfeit 500-rupee notes. After an initial failure, their second attempt succeeds. Simultaneously, determined officer Michael apprehends counterfeiting kingpin Mansoor Dalal in Nepal, but Mansoor manages to escape. In a subsequent twist, Mansoor kidnaps Sunny and Firoz.

In a flashback, a young Sunny faces abandonment by his father. At a train station, he befriends another abandoned boy, Firoz, leading to a lasting bond. Both are subsequently adopted by Sunny’s maternal grandfather, Madhav. In the present, Sunny and Firoz successfully settle their grandfather’s debts. Meanwhile, Megha, an idealistic Reserve Bank of India (RBI) officer, discovers one of Sunny’s counterfeit notes, though her concerns are dismissed by her superior. In a twist, Michael coerces Minister Pawan Gahlot into establishing a task force to combat counterfeit money.


Michael establishes the Counterfeiting and Currency Fraud Analysis and Research Team (CCFART), thanks to Gahlot’s assistance. He grapples with a strained relationship with his ex-wife, Rekha, and their son. Dissatisfied with her job at the RBI, Megha joins Michael’s team. Trouble brews as she defies Michael to investigate the “artist” behind the fake note, nearly jeopardizing their operation. Concurrently, Sunny and Firoz are hired to produce counterfeit money for a politician, eventually transporting a Rs.20 crore shipment to Surat themselves.


Rekha serves Michael with divorce papers. Gahlot launches Megha’s counterfeit note scanner, Dhanrakshak, hoping for media attention to boost his election campaign. Meanwhile, Madhav battles dementia. Mansoor becomes increasingly unsettled by the arrests resulting from Dhanrakshak’s capabilities. Intrigued by Sunny’s artistic skills (which elude Dhanrakshak’s detection), Mansoor kidnaps both Sunny and Firoz, extending an offer for Sunny to join his criminal enterprise.


Sunny consents to join Mansoor’s operation and manufactures a counterfeit 2000-rupee note at his Jordanian lab. Mansoor facilitates Madhav’s surgery, enlisting the services of a neuro specialist. In Bangladesh, Mansoor’s associate, Bilal, falls into the clutches of Michael and his team. Under threat, Bilal becomes an informant. Upon returning to Mumbai, Sunny is tasked by Mansoor to infiltrate CCFART. He orchestrates a meeting with Megha, successfully gaining access to her phone through hacking.


Sunny covertly monitors CCFART’s strategies via Megha’s compromised phone. Michael obtains valuable intel from both Bilal and an undercover operative within Mansoor’s operation. In a high-stakes cat-and-mouse scenario between the two groups, Mansoor proposes a “Trojan Horse” scheme to infiltrate 12,000 crores in counterfeit notes into India. Utilizing a Russian boat crew’s assistance, Sunny deceives Michael, successfully executing the cash smuggling operation.


Sunny and Firoz revel in their newfound riches, upgrading to luxurious apartments. Sunny becomes enamored with Megha and discreetly removes the tracker from her phone. Meanwhile, Megha identifies the counterfeit note artist’s signature (‘S’). Mansoor grows increasingly anxious to circulate the counterfeit cash and pressures Sunny to expedite the process. In response, Michael devises a scheme to entice the elusive ‘artist.

Sunny and Firoz narrowly evade capture, with Michael catching a glimpse of their faces. During a police pursuit, they scatter the counterfeit money onto the streets, infuriating Mansoor, who orders their execution. Sunny calls upon his friends for assistance, escaping the threat. Mansoor retaliates by setting fire to Madhav’s printing press, seemingly killing him. Enraged, Sunny embarks on a vengeful rampage, eliminating many of Mansoor’s henchmen and burning the counterfeit cash. He vows to return for more. In the midst of these events, Michael and Rekha finalize their divorce, while Megha inches closer to unveiling Sunny’s true identity

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