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8.1/10.                                      Apple TV+.
May 5, 2023.
Science fiction, Dystopian, Drama.
Graham Yost.
Rebecca Ferguson, Rashida Jones, David Oyelowo, Common, Tim Robbins, Harriet Walter, Avi Nash.

Silo : story

In the web series  “Silo,”- In a grim and dystopian tomorrow, humankind desperately clings to existence far beneath the Earth’s surface, sheltered within the vast walls of an enormous underground silo. Juliette, an engineer, embarks on an investigation into the mysterious death of a colleague. Her pursuit unveils startling secrets that jeopardize the very existence of their enclosed world. As Juliette delves deeper into the enigma of the silo, she unravels a web of intrigue, deceit, and hidden agendas. This gripping tale, based on Hugh Howey’s novel “Wool,” explores a society’s desperate struggle for survival and the profound consequences of uncovering the truth within the silo’s oppressive confines.

Silo : season 1

Season 1

10 Episode

Silo : season 1

In the underground haven known as the “Silo,” history is lost, and secrets abound. Sheriff Holston Becker decides to venture outside, spurred by his wife Allison’s revelation. She discovers the Silo’s deception and attempts to expose it. Allison’s fateful journey confirms the harsh reality beyond. Two years later, Holston investigates the truth, crossing paths with Juliette Nichols, who believes George’s death was no accident. The Silo’s dark mysteries unravel, challenging their community’s existence.

Holston shares Juliette’s lover, George, had gathered forbidden relics, prompting Holston to investigate. He leaves the Silo and discovers a beautiful outside world, like Allison had described. He cleans the camera, but tragically succumbs to the toxic atmosphere. Mayor Ruth Jahns finds Holston’s statement naming Juliette as his successor. Juliette follows George’s footsteps underground, searching for the mysterious door he sought in the watery dig space beneath the Silo, unraveling a cryptic journey into the unknown

Ruth and Sam accompany Juliette on a journey to meet her estranged father, Dr. Pete Nichols, and engineer friend Martha for character assessments. Despite opposition from Judge Meadows and Bernard Holland, Ruth offers Juliette the sheriff role. She accepts, requests a historic generator shutdown for repairs, and discovers a glimpse of the outside world. Juliette tasks Martha with studying a camera from George’s relics. Sam and Ruth express their love before Ruth’s sudden fatal collapse.

Ruth is dead, and Sam suspects poisoning, believing he was the actual target due to sharing water flasks. Bernard, Mayor Pro Tem, appoints Juliette as the new sheriff. Juliette seeks Sam’s help in investigating George’s death, and he agrees, reciprocating for Ruth’s case. Sam learns Judge Meadows plans to remove Juliette as sheriff. Later, Sam is attacked. Juliette meets Lukas, a cafeteria regular. She uncovers Holston’s file on George but can’t locate George’s confiscated hard drive. In a flashback, Juliette leaves home at thirteen after her mother Hanna and brother Jacob’s deaths.

Sam is found dead. Paul Billings becomes Juliette’s chief deputy. Sandy advises Juliette to find Sam’s killer before Judicial finds a scapegoat. Juliette discovers Doug Trumbull, a Judicial employee, framed Patrick Kennedy for Sam’s murder. Robert reveals Doug’s father’s vital secret role and kills Doug to prevent arrest. Doug is posthumously blamed for Sam and Ruth’s deaths. Juliette learns Lukas studies cafeteria screens to observe the unknown stars. Martha shows Juliette advanced camcorder technology and Juliette aims to reopen George’s death investigation with one of his relics.

Juliette uses the relic as a pretext to locate Regina Jackson, who reveals she was George’s lover and bought relics for him. Robert confronts Juliette about George’s connection to the relic, while Bernard orders her to halt her investigation into Doug’s motives. Juliette learns Paul has the Syndrome and confronts him. Regina discloses she informed “the man who knows everything” about George’s hard drive. She gifts Juliette a cherished relic—a children’s travel book from before the Silo. While examining the book, Juliette is unknowingly monitored by a sophisticated surveillance team with advanced equipment.

Robert monitors Juliette through the surveillance cameras. She confronts Gloria, who’s drugged on Meadows’ orders, but Juliette can’t lift the order despite offering to resign. Paul learns of Juliette’s investigation into George’s murder and covers for her. Lukas tries to kiss Juliette, but she refuses. Bernard worries about Meadows and urges Juliette to control her. With her father’s help, Juliette questions Gloria, discovering the Flamekeepers—a group preserving the past—are being targeted. Juliette realizes surveillance cameras are hidden in Silo mirrors and retrieves George’s hard drive from where Holston hid it in Gloria’s room. However, Robert’s raiders arrive too late to apprehend her.

Juliette searches Robert’s office during his temporary arrest and discovers files on Hanna, Martha, and Shirley Campbell. Hanna’s file reveals Judicial’s surveillance cameras exposed her illegal magnifier. Juliette reconciles with Pete, learning Hanna’s suicide resulted from Jacob’s death. She fails to access the hard drive due to Lukas’ fear and checkpoints. Bernard reveals he’s in charge, confessing to Ruth and Sam’s deaths. Bernard and Robert arrest Juliette, seize the hard drive, and falsely claim she wants to “go outside.” Juliette jumps from the central stairs to escape with the hard drive.

Juliette evades Judicial’s cameras, while Paul discovers the children’s travel book in her apartment, keeping one page and burning the rest. She breaks into Robert’s apartment and accesses the hard drive, finding a video message from George. Bernard arrests Lukas, tracing the hard drive’s serial number to Juliette’s location. Robert’s wife helps Juliette escape. With Patrick’s assistance, she accesses the hard drive and watches the rest of George’s video, where he professes love for her and advises her to find the hidden door under the Silo. Juliette, Patrick, and Danny view a past cleaning video showing a lush green world with birds outside the Silo, as per George’s guidance.

Juliette shares the outside world’s reality, leading to her arrest. Bernard offers her freedom in exchange for leaving. She exposes George’s fate but is deceived into believing in a lush landscape outside. Equipped with high-quality heat tape, she escapes the Silo’s deception, discovering more similar structures in a ruined cityscape on the horizon.

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