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Scam 2003 Season 1

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8.2/10.                                  SonyLIV.
1 September 2023.
Financial thriller, Biography, Drama.
Tushar Hiranandani.
Gagan Dev Riar, Mukesh Tiwari, Sana Amin Sheikh, Bharat Jadhav, Shaad Randhawa, Kirandeep Kaur.

Scam 2003 : story

Scam 2003 unravels the remarkable journey of Abdul Telgi, a former fruit seller who ascends to become the mastermind behind the stamp paper scam. Driven by a relentless pursuit of quick riches, he ventures into the shadowy realms of criminality. With the assistance of a corrupt system, Telgi swiftly seizes control of the stamp paper market, nourishing all levels of the criminal food chain while meticulously concealing his true identity. However, his hubris and mounting success ultimately prove his undoing. In a tragic lapse of judgment, he not only reveals his vast wealth to the very predators he once nurtured but also exposes himself to the righteous forces of justice, sealing his fate.

Scam 2003 : season 1

Season 1

5 Episode

Scam 2003 : season 1

Episode begins with Abdul Karim Telgi, a humble fruit seller from Khanapur, who seizes a job opportunity in Bombay, where he crosses paths with his future wife. Nine years later, his life takes a dramatic turn as he is apprehended for forgery. Behind bars, Telgi encounters Kaushal Jhaveri and becomes involved in his gum wash operation. Realizing the limitations of the gum wash business, Abdul devises a transformative plan to enter the realm of stamp papers.

Abdul Telgi manages to successfully pilfer official stamp papers from trains. However, in order to sell them in large quantities, he requires a license. Against Kaushal’s counsel, he leverages his political connections to obtain a license from the Old Custom House, but his efforts prove fruitless. The situation deteriorates further as Kaushal, feeling betrayed, departs from Abdul’s side.

Abdul Telgi secures a license through his political connections. However, he betrays the minister who aided him by aligning himself with the newly empowered political party. This decision backfires, leading to the loss of his license and his return to jail. While incarcerated, he encounters JK, a mechanic from Nashik. Upon his release, Abdul is introduced to the source of stamp papers—the Nashik Security Press.

Abdul Telgi devises a strategy to gain the favor of the Nashik Press management by facilitating the promotion of their top bureaucrat from Deputy GM to GM. Once successful, he acquires original machines, dyes, and papers from the press, enabling him to commence the production of stamp papers. Abdul expands his business and establishes connections not only in Maharashtra but also in Karnataka. However, he soon realizes that to ensure the prosperity of his enterprise, he must eliminate his biggest competitor.

Abdul Telgi employs manipulation tactics to orchestrate the shutdown of the press and disrupt the supply chain of the Old Custom House, effectively monopolizing the stamp market. His rapid ascent to success not only garners attention but also fuels his growing anxiety and anger. Abdul, eager to maintain his newfound influence, forms alliances with increasingly powerful figures in the state. However, his excessive pride and overconfidence lead him to make a critical mistake, setting in motion the beginning of his downfall.

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