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In the realm of action-packed web series, few can rival the epic grandeur of “Vikings.” This historical drama takes us on a thrilling journey into the world of legendary Norse warriors, offering a rich tapestry of battles, betrayals, and the pursuit of power. With its captivating storytelling, dynamic characters, and breathtaking cinematography, “Vikings” has carved its place as one of the finest action series of all time. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the series, exploring all its seasons and episodes, and uncovering what makes it a true masterpiece in the world of television.

Now, let’s dive into the heart of “Vikings.”

IMDB Raiting : 8.5/10

Season Start date : March 3, 2013

Genre(s) :Historical drama, Action, War

Cast(s):Travis Fimmel,Katheryn Winnick, Clive Standen, Jessalyn Gilsig, Gustaf Skarsgård, Gabriel Byrne,

Season 1: Rise of the Norsemen

Season 1 of “Vikings” is a captivating introduction to the epic series. It revolves around Ragnar Lothbrok, a farmer who becomes a legendary Norse hero. The season follows Ragnar’s ambitions as he defies convention to explore uncharted lands to the west, leading daring raids and clashing with rival chieftains. Along the way, the audience is immersed in the Norse culture, politics, and mythology. This season establishes the core themes of adventure, ambition, and power struggles that continue to define the entire series, making it a thrilling and immersive journey into Viking history and mythology.

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Rites of Passage

In Season 1, Episode 1 of “Vikings,” titled “Rites of Passage,” viewers are introduced to Ragnar Lothbrok, a formidable Norse farmer and warrior. This episode sets the stage for the series by highlighting Ragnar’s desire for adventure, challenging traditions, and laying the groundwork for his westward expedition, marking the series’ epic beginning.

Wrath of the Northmen

In Season 1, Episode 2 of “Vikings,” titled “Wrath of the Northmen,” Ragnar prepares for a new raid to the east, aiming to plunder the wealth of Baltic lands. The episode explores his strategic planning and crew assembly, highlighting the challenging politics and rivalries that accompany Viking raids, all while building anticipation for the upcoming expedition.


In Season 1, Episode 3 of “Vikings,” titled “Dispossessed,” tensions rise as Earl Haraldson questions Ragnar’s loyalty and leadership. Ragnar’s ambitions are thwarted as the Earl claims the treasure from their successful raid. This episode delves into the power struggle between Ragnar and Haraldson, setting the stage for future conflicts within the Viking community.


In Season 1, Episode 4 of “Vikings,” titled “Trial,” Ragnar faces a life-or-death trial by ordeal, a Viking tradition to prove his innocence after being accused of treason. The episode highlights the cultural and religious elements of the Viking society while showcasing Ragnar’s determination and intelligence as he attempts to clear his name.


In Season 1, Episode 5 of “Vikings,” titled “Raid,” tensions between Ragnar and Earl Haraldson escalate as they embark on a treacherous voyage to the east. The episode features their first joint raid, demonstrating the complex dynamics of leadership and rivalry within the Viking community, setting the stage for further power struggles.

Burial of the Dead

In Season 1, Episode 6 of “Vikings,” titled “Burial of the Dead,” the aftermath of their successful raid creates a rift between Ragnar and Earl Haraldson. The episode explores the emotional toll of battle, Viking funeral customs, and the growing animosity between the two leaders, foreshadowing more significant conflicts to come in the series.

A King's Ransom

In Season 1, Episode 7 of “Vikings,” titled “A King’s Ransom,” tension escalates between Ragnar and Earl Haraldson. The episode centers on a daring mission to ransom a captive Viking warrior, demonstrating Ragnar’s tactical brilliance. As their power struggle intensifies, it becomes clear that only one of them will ultimately prevail as the true leader of their people.


In Season 1, Episode 8 of “Vikings,” titled “Sacrifice,” tensions between Ragnar and Earl Haraldson reach a breaking point. Ragnar’s commitment to his ambitions and the Viking gods leads to a climactic showdown. The episode explores the clash of beliefs and the high stakes in their rivalry, setting the stage for significant consequences.

All Change

In Season 1, Episode 9 of “Vikings,” titled “All Change,” the power dynamics shift dramatically. Earl Haraldson’s death paves the way for Ragnar to ascend as the new leader, but it’s not without challenges. The episode explores the aftermath of Haraldson’s demise and the complexities of leadership in a changing Viking society.

Season 2: The Kingdoms at Stake

Season 2 of “Vikings” delves deeper into the Viking world, following Ragnar Lothbrok as he continues his quest for exploration and conquest. As he leads his people to new lands, tensions rise with both his Norse compatriots and rival Viking leaders. The season explores Ragnar’s growing fame and the challenges it brings, while also introducing new characters and lands. With breathtaking battles, political intrigue, and personal struggles, Season 2 maintains the series’ high standards, further immersing viewers in the captivating and brutal world of the Vikings.

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Brother's War

In Season 2, Episode 1 of “Vikings,” titled “Brother’s War,” the series resumes with tensions brewing among the Vikings. Ragnar faces his brother Rollo in a power struggle, reflecting the division between ambition and loyalty. The episode sets the stage for intense conflicts and confrontations that will shape the course of the season.


In Season 2, Episode 2 of “Vikings,” titled “Invasion,” the Vikings embark on a new conquest to the east, encountering formidable resistance from King Ecbert’s forces. The episode explores the challenges of Viking expansion, including alliances and betrayals, as they strive to establish their presence in England.


In Season 2, Episode 3 of “Vikings,” titled “Treachery,” betrayal and intrigue take center stage as tensions rise between Ragnar and his former ally, Jarl Borg. The episode delves into the complexities of Viking politics, trust, and vengeance as the characters navigate shifting loyalties and power struggles within their society.

Eye for an Eye

In Season 2, Episode 4 of “Vikings,” titled “Eye for an Eye,” revenge becomes a driving force. Ragnar seeks vengeance against Jarl Borg for the death of his friend, sparking a brutal cycle of retaliation. This episode explores the consequences of personal vendettas and the toll they take on Viking society and Ragnar’s leadership.

Answers in Blood

In Season 2, Episode 5 of “Vikings,” titled “Answers in Blood,” the consequences of revenge continue to unfold as Ragnar and Borg’s feud escalates. The episode delves into the moral dilemmas faced by the characters, highlighting the high cost of vengeance and the impact it has on their relationships and Viking society.


In Season 2, Episode 6 of “Vikings,” titled “Unforgiven,” the personal conflicts within the Viking community intensify. Ragnar struggles with his guilt over his brother Rollo’s punishment, while Lagertha faces the consequences of her past. The episode delves into themes of forgiveness and redemption, adding depth to the characters and their stories.

Blood Eagle

In Season 2, Episode 7 of “Vikings,” titled “Blood Eagle,” the series takes a dark and visceral turn. Ragnar enacts a gruesome ritual known as the “Blood Eagle” on Jarl Borg, emphasizing the brutality of Viking justice and the lengths to which he’ll go to assert his dominance. This episode is a stark portrayal of Viking savagery.


In Season 2, Episode 8 of “Vikings,” titled “Boneless,” Ragnar faces a unique challenge when his wife, Lagertha, becomes pregnant. The episode explores societal expectations, superstitions, and the complexities of parenthood in the Viking world. Meanwhile, tensions between Ragnar and his new ally, King Horik, continue to simmer, setting the stage for future conflicts.

The Choice

In Season 2, Episode 9 of “Vikings,” titled “The Choice,” the Viking settlement in Wessex faces dire circumstances as a deadly plague strikes. Ragnar’s leadership is tested as he grapples with difficult choices to protect his people. The episode portrays the harsh realities of life in the Viking Age, including the threat of disease.

The Lord's Prayer

In Season 2, Episode 10 of “Vikings,” titled “The Lord’s Prayer,” the season concludes with intense developments. The Vikings return to Wessex, setting the stage for a dramatic showdown with King Ecbert. The episode showcases the culmination of rivalries, battles, and shifting alliances, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating the consequences of their actions in the next season.

Season 3: The Great Raid

Season 3 of “Vikings” takes the epic saga to new heights, exploring the consequences of Ragnar Lothbrok’s ambition as he fulfills his dream of raiding the wealthy city of Paris. The season delves into deeper character development, including Ragnar’s evolving relationships with his family and his fierce brother Rollo. Political intrigue and internal conflicts intensify as the Vikings encounter challenges both within their own ranks and from their adversaries. Season 3 retains the series’ trademark blend of historical accuracy and dramatic storytelling, captivating viewers with its epic battles and profound character arcs.

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In Season 3, Episode 1 of “Vikings,” titled “Mercenary,” Ragnar and his Viking warriors return to England for fresh conquests. They clash with King Ecbert’s army, setting the stage for high-stakes battles and complex power dynamics. This episode reignites the series with thrilling action and the enduring pursuit of Viking ambition.

The Wanderer

In Season 3, Episode 2 of “Vikings,” titled “The Wanderer,” the narrative takes a contemplative turn. After the intense battles in Wessex, Ragnar and his crew encounter a mysterious wanderer who harbors dark secrets. The episode explores themes of fate and destiny, offering a glimpse into the enigmatic side of Viking beliefs and spirituality.

Warrior's Fate

In Season 3, Episode 3 of “Vikings,” titled “Warrior’s Fate,” Ragnar faces personal trials. His daughter’s tragic loss prompts a journey to the wilderness, where he contemplates his destiny. Meanwhile, political tensions among the Vikings escalate as ambitious leaders vie for power, setting the stage for future conflicts within the community.


In Season 3, Episode 4 of “Vikings,” titled “Scarred,” the episode explores the aftermath of Ragnar’s return from the wilderness. Ragnar’s emotional scars deepen as he grapples with personal loss, while his physical scars serve as a symbol of his experiences. Meanwhile, power struggles among the Viking leaders intensify, foreshadowing impending conflict.

The Usurper

In Season 3, Episode 5 of “Vikings,” titled “The Usurper,” tension escalates as Ragnar and King Horik’s alliance frays. Horik plots to usurp power from Ragnar, and the episode delves into the political intrigue and betrayals within the Viking leadership. The stage is set for a dramatic showdown that will determine the fate of the Viking community.

Born Again

In Season 3, Episode 6 of “Vikings,” titled “Born Again,” the focus shifts to Athelstan, who grapples with his identity and faith. Captured by Vikings as a Christian monk, he finds himself torn between his Viking and Christian beliefs. This episode delves into the complex spiritual and cultural clash he experiences.


In Season 3, Episode 7 of “Vikings,” titled “Paris,” the Vikings prepare for a daring assault on the wealthy city of Paris. Ragnar’s strategic brilliance and the Vikings’ determination take center stage as they face formidable defenses. The episode sets the stage for a high-stakes confrontation that will test their resolve and cunning.

To the Gates!

In Season 3, Episode 8 of “Vikings,” titled “To the Gates!”, the Viking siege of Paris intensifies. The episode focuses on the relentless Viking assaults and the desperate measures taken by the Parisians to defend their city. It captures the tension and brutality of the siege, showcasing the clash of cultures and strategies.

Breaking Point

In Season 3, Episode 9 of “Vikings,” titled “Breaking Point,” the tension between the besieged Parisians and the relentless Viking invaders escalates. As starvation and desperation grip both sides, the episode underscores the psychological toll of the prolonged siege and the looming climax that will determine the city’s fate.

The Dead

In Season 3, Episode 10 of “Vikings,” titled “The Dead,” the climactic conclusion unfolds as the Vikings make a final, desperate attempt to breach the walls of Paris. The episode explores the devastating consequences of their actions and the toll of war on characters, concluding with the city’s fate hanging in the balance.

Season 4: A World in Turmoil

Season 4 of “Vikings” continues the saga with even more intensity and complexity. The power struggles within the Viking world intensify as Ragnar’s sons, including the formidable Ivar the Boneless, rise to prominence. New lands are explored, including the Mediterranean, and alliances are tested. The season delves deep into themes of ambition, legacy, and the far-reaching consequences of choices made in pursuit of power. With epic battles, intricate politics, and the evolution of key characters, Season 4 adds depth and dimension to the Viking tale, making it an engaging and captivating chapter in the series.

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A Good Treason

In Season 4, Episode 1 of “Vikings,” titled “A Good Treason,” the power vacuum left by Ragnar’s absence triggers intense rivalries among his sons. Bjorn, Ivar, Ubbe, Hvitserk, and Sigurd vie for control, and the episode explores their struggle for leadership within the Viking community. New alliances are forged, setting the stage for future conflicts.

Kill the Queen

In Season 4, Episode 2 of “Vikings,” titled “Kill the Queen,” the ongoing power struggles among Ragnar’s sons intensify. Queen Aslaug’s authority is questioned, and the episode delves into familial conflict as the brothers grapple with their divergent ambitions. It foreshadows the fracturing of alliances and the complexity of their shared legacy.


In Season 4, Episode 3 of “Vikings,” titled “Mercy,” tensions rise as the Viking community navigates the aftermath of Queen Aslaug’s actions. The episode explores themes of forgiveness, redemption, and the challenges of leadership as Ragnar’s sons grapple with personal and political dilemmas, setting the stage for their evolving roles in the Viking world.

Season 4, Episode 4 of Vikings -Yol

In Season 4, Episode 4 of “Vikings,” titled “Yol,” the focus shifts to the emotional turmoil within the Viking community. The episode centers around a traditional celebration of the winter solstice, which reveals hidden desires, jealousies, and unresolved conflicts among the characters. It offers a nuanced glimpse into the complex relationships within the Viking world.


In Season 4, Episode 5 of “Vikings,” titled “Promised,” alliances are forged and tested as Bjorn and Hvitserk journey to seek support for their mission to the Mediterranean. The episode explores the challenges and risks of Viking exploration while highlighting the bonds of brotherhood and the consequences of their choices on their family’s legacy.

What Might Have Been

In Season 4, Episode 6 of “Vikings,” titled “What Might Have Been,” the narrative takes a reflective turn. Ragnar dreams of an alternate life as a farmer while his family deals with the challenges of leadership. The episode explores themes of regret and the “what ifs,” providing a glimpse into the characters’ emotional struggles.

The Profit and the Loss

In Season 4, Episode 7 of “Vikings,” titled “The Profit and the Loss,” the Viking fleet encounters a violent storm while en route to the Mediterranean. The episode depicts the perilous nature of their journeys, emphasizing the fragility of life in the Viking Age and the sacrifices made for conquest and glory.


In Season 4, Episode 8 of “Vikings,” titled “Portage,” the Viking fleet faces logistical challenges as they must carry their ships overland to bypass a hostile enemy. This episode highlights the resourcefulness and determination of the Vikings in the face of adversity, showcasing their adaptability as warriors and explorers.

Death All 'Round

In Season 4, Episode 9 of “Vikings,” titled “Death All ‘Round,” the narrative intensifies as the Vikings engage in battles on multiple fronts. Ragnar’s leadership is tested as he faces formidable foes, including King Rurik and King Ecbert. The episode captures the brutality and strategic complexity of Viking warfare and politics.

The Last Ship

In Season 4, Episode 10 of “Vikings,” titled “The Last Ship,” the Vikings’ efforts to escape a hostile territory culminate in a dramatic and epic confrontation. The episode showcases Ragnar’s resilience and cunning, setting the stage for significant developments in the ongoing Viking sagas, with the promise of further conflict and adventure to come.

The Outsider

In Season 4, Episode 11 of “Vikings,” titled “The Outsider,” the Viking community grapples with the consequences of recent battles. Ragnar faces isolation and reflects on his past choices. The episode explores themes of identity, loneliness, and the toll of leadership, offering a poignant glimpse into Ragnar’s complex character.

The Vision

In Season 4, Episode 12 of “Vikings,” titled “The Vision,” Ragnar’s deep introspection continues as he experiences prophetic visions of his impending death. This episode delves into the spiritual and psychological aspects of the Viking world, highlighting the role of mysticism and destiny in shaping the characters’ fates.

Two Journeys

In Season 4, Episode 13 of “Vikings,” titled “Two Journeys,” Ragnar’s journey to fulfill his destiny unfolds. The episode portrays his renewed determination, even as he faces betrayals and personal challenges. It offers a glimpse into the Viking pursuit of greatness and the sacrifices made in the name of ambition and legacy.

In the Uncertain Hour Before the Morning

In Season 4, Episode 14 of “Vikings,” titled “In the Uncertain Hour Before the Morning,” Ragnar’s plans to attack Paris take shape. The episode focuses on the meticulous preparation and strategy required for the upcoming siege, setting the stage for an epic clash between the Vikings and the fortified city.

All His Angels

In Season 4, Episode 15 of “Vikings,” titled “All His Angels,” the narrative takes a dramatic turn as Ragnar faces captivity and his impending fate at the hands of King Aelle. The episode explores the vulnerability of even legendary figures like Ragnar and sets the stage for a gut-wrenching and pivotal moment in the series.


In Season 4, Episode 16 of “Vikings,” titled “Crossings,” the focus shifts to the aftermath of Ragnar’s capture. His sons grapple with the loss and the need to avenge their father. The episode explores themes of vengeance, legacy, and the next generation’s determination to carry on Ragnar’s legacy by seeking retribution against his captors.

The Great Army

In Season 4, Episode 17 of “Vikings,” titled “The Great Army,” Ragnar’s sons begin the process of uniting to avenge their father’s death. The episode showcases their determination to assemble a formidable Viking army, setting the stage for a new era of Viking conquests and conflicts as they seek vengeance against their enemies.


In Season 4, Episode 18 of “Vikings,” titled “Revenge,” the sons of Ragnar continue to prepare for their revenge campaign. The episode delves into their evolving leadership roles and alliances, as they navigate the complexities of Viking politics and warfare. Their quest for vengeance intensifies, promising epic battles and dramatic confrontations.

On the Eve

In Season 4, Episode 19 of “Vikings,” titled “On the Eve,” tensions escalate as the sons of Ragnar prepare to launch their revenge attack. The episode explores their resolve, the intricacies of their battle plans, and the emotional weight of their mission. It builds anticipation for the impending showdown with their foes.

The Reckoning

In Season 4, Episode 20 of “Vikings,” titled “The Reckoning,” the sons of Ragnar finally engage in a climactic battle against King Aelle and his forces. The episode delivers a riveting and brutal showdown that exacts a heavy toll on both sides. It marks a significant turning point in the series, with far-reaching consequences for the Viking world.

Season 5: The Legacy Unfolds

Season 5 of “Vikings” ushers in a new era of the epic saga. With Ragnar Lothbrok gone, his sons step into the forefront of the Viking world. Their ambitions, rivalries, and journeys come to the fore, shaping the destiny of their people. The season explores the challenges of leadership, the complexities of family dynamics, and the relentless pursuit of power and conquest. As they continue to raid and expand their reach, the legacy of the Lothbrok dynasty unfolds, painting a vivid and captivating picture of the Viking Age.

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The Departed

In Season 5, Episode 1 of “Vikings,” titled “The Departed, Part 1,” the narrative resumes with the aftermath of Ragnar’s death. His sons are determined to honor his legacy and embark on separate journeys, each facing their unique challenges and enemies. The episode sets the stage for the next generation’s quest for glory and revenge.

The Departed, Part 2

In Season 5, Episode 2 of “Vikings,” titled “The Departed, Part 2,” Ragnar’s sons continue their individual quests for power and vengeance. Bjorn seeks to conquer the Mediterranean, while Ivar embraces his ruthlessness. The episode explores the divergent paths of the brothers, foreshadowing future rivalries and conflicts in the Viking world.


In Season 5, Episode 3 of “Vikings,” titled “Homeland,” the focus shifts to Lagertha and her struggles as Queen of Kattegat. She faces threats from all sides, including her own people. The episode highlights her resilience and determination to maintain her power, setting the stage for political intrigue and turmoil in the Viking realm.

The Plan

In Season 5, Episode 4 of “Vikings,” titled “The Plan,” Ivar the Boneless consolidates his power and plans his strategy for conquering Kattegat. The episode showcases his cunning and ruthlessness, setting the stage for a power struggle with Lagertha. It also explores the complexities of Viking leadership and the impact of Ivar’s ascent.

The Prisoner

In Season 5, Episode 5 of “Vikings,” titled “The Prisoner,” Ivar’s hold on Kattegat tightens as he faces resistance from Lagertha and Bjorn. The episode introduces a new character, Heahmund, a formidable warrior priest. It explores the evolving dynamics of power and the growing tensions that will define the future conflicts in the Viking world.

The Message

In Season 5, Episode 6 of “Vikings,” titled “The Message,” the rivalry between Ivar and Lagertha escalates. Lagertha receives a message from an old ally, leading to a decision that will shape the fate of Kattegat. The episode explores the consequences of political alliances and the high stakes in the Viking power struggle.

Full Moon

In Season 5, Episode 7 of “Vikings,” titled “Full Moon,” Lagertha faces a difficult choice as tensions rise with Ivar. Floki discovers a new land, offering hope for the future. The episode delves into the characters’ quests for purpose and the challenges of leadership in a rapidly changing Viking world, foreshadowing future adventures and conflicts.

The Joke

In Season 5, Episode 8 of “Vikings,” titled “The Joke,” Ivar’s cruelty intensifies as he ruthlessly asserts his dominance over Kattegat. Meanwhile, Floki’s exploration of the new land brings both wonder and challenges. The episode highlights the stark contrasts between leadership styles and sets the stage for a collision between the brothers’ ambitions.

A Simple Story

In Season 5, Episode 9 of “Vikings,” titled “A Simple Story,” the consequences of Ivar’s oppressive rule in Kattegat become evident. Bjorn faces new challenges on his journey, while Lagertha’s past catches up with her. The episode underscores the complexities of personal history and the relentless pursuit of power among the Viking characters.

Moments of Vision

In Season 5, Episode 10 of “Vikings,” titled “Moments of Vision,” the narrative reaches a dramatic climax. Ivar’s reign in Kattegat faces resistance from within and outside. The episode features breathtaking battles, moments of reflection, and the stark consequences of ambition, setting the stage for even more intense conflicts in the Viking world.

The Revelation

In Season 5, Episode 11 of “Vikings,” titled “The Revelation,” Ivar the Boneless faces internal challenges as he struggles to maintain control over Kattegat. Meanwhile, Floki’s new settlement in Iceland encounters both wonder and hardship. The episode explores the tensions between leadership and the aspirations of the Viking characters in a changing world.

Murder Most Foul

In Season 5, Episode 12 of “Vikings,” titled “Murder Most Foul,” Ivar consolidates his power and confronts an unexpected betrayal. Meanwhile, Bjorn returns to Kattegat to face the consequences of his absence. The episode explores the complexities of loyalty, trust, and political intrigue in the Viking world as power dynamics continue to shift.

A New God

In Season 5, Episode 13 of “Vikings,” titled “A New God,” Floki’s faith and sanity are tested as he grapples with the challenges of leadership in Iceland. Meanwhile, Ivar’s ambitions to expand his rule face opposition, and the episode delves into the characters’ evolving beliefs and the spiritual forces that shape their destinies.

The Lost Moment

In Season 5, Episode 14 of “Vikings,” titled “The Lost Moment,” Ivar’s ruthless rule in Kattegat leads to growing unrest among his subjects. Meanwhile, Ubbe and Torvi embark on a perilous journey in search of the Mediterranean. The episode underscores the consequences of tyranny and the pursuit of new horizons in the Viking world.


In Season 5, Episode 15 of “Vikings,” titled “Hell,” Ivar’s reign faces external threats from the approaching armies of Bjorn and King Harald. The episode showcases intense battles and strategic maneuvering as the power struggle reaches its peak. It highlights the high stakes and personal rivalries that define the Viking world.

The Buddha

In Season 5, Episode 16 of “Vikings,” titled “The Buddha,” the narrative takes a contemplative turn. Floki’s struggles in Iceland continue as he grapples with his own spiritual crisis. Meanwhile, Ivar’s authority in Kattegat faces challenges from unexpected quarters. The episode explores themes of faith, doubt, and the search for meaning.

The Most Terrible Thing

In Season 5, Episode 17 of “Vikings,” titled “The Most Terrible Thing,” Ivar’s rule in Kattegat leads to a brutal and heart-wrenching event. The episode portrays the consequences of his tyrannical leadership and explores the moral dilemmas faced by those who witness his cruelty, setting the stage for further conflict and rebellion.


In Season 5, Episode 18 of “Vikings,” titled “Baldur,” Lagertha and Bjorn confront the tragic aftermath of Ivar’s actions. The episode focuses on the emotional toll of loss and betrayal as they grapple with the devastating consequences of their choices. It sets the stage for a reckoning in the Viking world.

What Happens in the Cave

In Season 5, Episode 19 of “Vikings,” titled “What Happens in the Cave,” Lagertha and Bjorn continue to navigate the aftermath of tragedy. Floki’s spiritual journey in Iceland takes a dramatic turn. The episode explores themes of grief, redemption, and the unpredictable nature of the Viking world as characters seek solace and purpose.


In Season 5, Episode 20 of “Vikings,” titled “Ragnarok,” the narrative reaches a climactic conclusion. The power struggle in Kattegat intensifies as the fate of the Viking world hangs in the balance. The episode features epic battles, betrayals, and the resolution of long-standing conflicts, shaping the future of the Viking Age.

Season 6: The Final Voyage

Season 6 of “Vikings” is divided into two parts, delivering a gripping culmination to the series. It explores the final stages of the Viking Age and the legacy of legendary figures like Bjorn Ironside and Ivar the Boneless. The narrative delves into power struggles, alliances, and the evolving dynamics among the Viking leaders and their adversaries. With dramatic battles, complex character development, and poignant storytelling, Season 6 brings the epic Viking saga to a satisfying and emotionally resonant conclusion.

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New Beginnings

In Season 6, Episode 1 of “Vikings,” titled “New Beginnings,” the story resumes with the aftermath of Bjorn’s election as King of Kattegat. The episode introduces new characters and alliances while showcasing Bjorn’s leadership challenges. It marks the beginning of a new era in Viking history, setting the stage for fresh conflicts and adventures.

The Prophet

In Season 6, Episode 2 of “Vikings,” titled “The Prophet,” Bjorn faces internal strife as his leadership is questioned. Meanwhile, Ivar the Boneless, still alive, navigates unfamiliar lands with a new purpose. The episode explores Bjorn and Ivar’s contrasting journeys, highlighting the evolving roles of these two central characters in the Viking world.

Ghosts, Gods, and Running Dogs

In Season 6, Episode 3 of “Vikings,” titled “Ghosts, Gods, and Running Dogs,” Bjorn seeks alliances with neighboring rulers to strengthen his position as King of Kattegat. Meanwhile, Ivar’s journey takes an unexpected turn. The episode delves into political intrigue and the complexity of Viking leadership as characters adapt to changing circumstances.

All the Prisoners

In Season 6, Episode 4 of “Vikings,” titled “All the Prisoners,” Bjorn and his allies launch a daring attack on King Olaf’s forces to secure Kattegat. Meanwhile, Ivar continues his journey, facing personal challenges. The episode is marked by strategic battles and the shifting alliances that define the Viking world, setting the stage for future conflicts.

The Key

In Season 6, Episode 5 of “Vikings,” titled “The Key,” Ivar faces a personal crisis as he grapples with his beliefs and experiences a vision. Meanwhile, tensions escalate in Kattegat as Bjorn confronts power struggles within his kingdom. The episode explores the characters’ inner conflicts and the precarious balance of leadership.

Death and the Serpent

In Season 6, Episode 6 of “Vikings,” titled “Death and the Serpent,” Ivar’s spiritual journey takes a profound turn as he seeks redemption. Bjorn faces challenges to his rule, including a potential usurper. The episode combines introspective moments with political intrigue, reflecting the ongoing complexities of the Viking world and its characters.

The Ice Maiden

In Season 6, Episode 7 of “Vikings,” titled “The Ice Maiden,” Lagertha, now living a quiet life, faces a new threat. Meanwhile, Bjorn’s rule in Kattegat is challenged by the arrival of a powerful enemy. The episode showcases Lagertha’s resilience and sets the stage for a dramatic clash that will test Bjorn’s leadership.

Valhalla Can Wait

In Season 6, Episode 8 of “Vikings,” titled “Valhalla Can Wait,” Bjorn and his forces prepare to defend Kattegat against the invading Rus army led by Prince Oleg. Meanwhile, Ivar continues his inner struggle. The episode is marked by intense battle preparations and character development, building anticipation for the impending clash.


In Season 6, Episode 9 of “Vikings,” titled “Resurrection,” Bjorn and his allies engage in a fierce battle against the Rus forces led by Prince Oleg. The episode delivers epic warfare and emotional moments as the fate of Kattegat hangs in the balance. It’s a pivotal chapter in the series’ final season.

The Best Laid Plans

In Season 6, Episode 10 of “Vikings,” titled “The Best Laid Plans,” the battle for Kattegat reaches its climax as Bjorn and the Rus forces face off. The episode is marked by intense combat sequences and character developments, and it sets the stage for significant outcomes that will shape the final episodes of the series.

King of Kings

In Season 6, Episode 11 of “Vikings,” titled “King of Kings,” Bjorn’s leadership faces further challenges as he navigates political tensions and threats from within Kattegat. Meanwhile, Ivar’s own ambitions evolve in a surprising direction. The episode continues to explore power dynamics and character growth as the series approaches its conclusion.

All Change

In Season 6, Episode 12 of “Vikings,” titled “All Change,” the power struggle in Kattegat intensifies as Bjorn contends with political adversaries. Meanwhile, Ivar’s newfound mission unfolds. The episode delves into the intricacies of Viking politics and the evolving roles of the central characters, building anticipation for the series’ conclusion.

The Signal

In Season 6, Episode 13 of “Vikings,” titled “The Signal,” Bjorn and his allies prepare for the impending siege of Kattegat by Rus forces. The episode showcases their strategic planning and the emotional toll of the looming battle. It sets the stage for a high-stakes showdown as the series nears its conclusion.

Lost Souls

In Season 6, Episode 14 of “Vikings,” titled “Lost Souls,” the battle for Kattegat unfolds as Bjorn and his forces face Prince Oleg’s ruthless attack. The episode features intense combat sequences and explores the characters’ bravery and desperation in the face of overwhelming odds. It’s a pivotal moment in the series.

All at Sea

In Season 6, Episode 15 of “Vikings,” titled “All at Sea,” the survivors of the battle for Kattegat regroup and plan their next moves. Bjorn faces leadership challenges, and Ivar’s journey takes a new direction. The episode explores the aftermath of conflict and the evolving dynamics among the Viking characters.

The Final Straw

In Season 6, Episode 16 of “Vikings,” titled “The Final Straw,” the conflict between Bjorn and Ivar escalates as they make critical decisions. Meanwhile, tensions simmer in Kattegat as alliances shift and betrayal looms. The episode sets the stage for a dramatic climax and the conclusion of the epic Viking saga.

The Raft of the Medusa

In Season 6, Episode 17 of “Vikings,” titled “The Raft of the Medusa,” the conflict between Bjorn and Ivar reaches its peak as they engage in a fateful showdown. The episode is marked by intense emotional moments and the resolution of long-standing rivalries, setting the stage for the series’ final episodes.

It's Only Magic

In Season 6, Episode 18 of “Vikings,” titled “It’s Only Magic,” the aftermath of the clash between Bjorn and Ivar reverberates through the Viking world. Meanwhile, Kattegat faces new threats and political intrigue. The episode explores the consequences of the brothers’ choices and the continuing challenges of leadership in a changing landscape.

The Lord Giveth

In Season 6, Episode 19 of “Vikings,” titled “The Lord Giveth,” Bjorn and his allies seek to regroup and rebuild Kattegat after the recent turmoil. However, challenges and threats persist as the series approaches its conclusion. The episode highlights the resilience and determination of the Viking characters in the face of adversity.

The Last Act

In the series finale, Season 6, Episode 20 of “Vikings,” titled “The Last Act,” the story of the legendary Viking era comes to an emotional conclusion. The characters’ destinies are revealed, and the legacy of the Lothbrok family reaches its final chapter. It’s a poignant and fitting end to the epic saga.


In the epic saga of “Vikings,” spanning six compelling seasons, viewers were transported to the heart of the Viking Age. This series, with its intricate storytelling and rich character development, painted a vivid portrait of the fierce warriors and explorers who once roamed the earth. From the rise of legendary figures like Ragnar Lothbrok and Lagertha to the power struggles of their descendants, “Vikings” captured the essence of Viking culture, their insatiable thirst for adventure, and their relentless pursuit of power and glory. With breathtaking battles, complex alliances, and profound themes, the show honored the indomitable spirit of the Viking world, leaving an enduring legacy.

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