The Night Agent

The Night Agent (TV-MA)


The Night Agent

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March 23, 2023.                                               Action, Conspiracy thriller, Drama.      English.
Shawn Ryan.
Gabriel Basso, Luciane Buchanan, Fola Evans-Akingbola, Sarah Desjardins, Eve Harlow, Phoenix Raei.

The Night Agent : story

“The Night Agent” is a gripping character-driven action thriller that thrusts FBI Agent Peter Sutherland into a complex conspiracy at the highest levels of the United States government. Peter, stationed in the uneventful White House basement, faces a momentous turning point when his phone rings unexpectedly. He finds himself in a desperate quest to uncover a mole while safeguarding Rose Larkin, a former tech CEO, from the assailants who murdered her aunt and uncle. With the nation’s fate hanging in the balance, Peter races against time, navigating treacherous waters and uncovering secrets that could lead all the way to the Oval Office.

The Night Agent : season 1

Season 1

10 Episode

The Night Agent : season 1

FBI Agent Peter Sutherland saves civilians from a Metro bombing and is drawn into the Night Agent program. He protects Rose Larkin after her family’s attack, uncovering their Night Agent ties. As they evade assassins, secrets unfold, including doubts about his father’s loyalty, revealing a perilous conspiracy.

In a revealing flashback, Larkin’s clients suffer internal sabotage. Sutherland connects a ring emblem to the House of Karađorđević, discovering Hawkins’ past as the Campbells’ handler. Assassins seize a nanny cam, and Sutherland rescues Larkin. Farr suspects Hawkins’ involvement, leading to a discovery of a hidden hard drive linked to the DC Metro bombing. Hawkins meets a grim fate for his secrets.

President Travers learns of Hawkins’ death, implicating Vice President Redfield. Farr presses for Campbells’ Night Action involvement details. Sutherland and Larkin narrowly escape assassins at a cabin, suspecting Farr as the traitor. Sutherland sets up a remote connection for Larkin to decrypt evidence. Farr reveals the President’s role in investigating the metro bombing and a possible White House mole. Sutherland brings her in. Meanwhile, Secret Service agent Arrington questions her new partner, Monks, as Maddie’s teacher’s connection to the metro bombing perpetrator emerges.

Larkin finds evidence of the radical PIF group on the hard drive and spyware on Farr’s phone. Reluctantly, she works with Farr. Sutherland and Larkin visit an address from the drive and meet Lorna, revealing Sutherland altered the metro bombing target. Monks’ addiction troubles Arrington. Sutherland traces assassins’ car, but they flee. Dale and Ellen torture and kill Lorna. Sutherland suspects the metro bombing aimed at Arrington’s charge.

Sutherland questions Arrington about the bombing; she withholds key information. Larkin traces the ring’s origins to the Pavelić family, connected to a missing assemblyman, Andrej Pavelić. Hawkins’ widow suggests Turn Lake Industries’ involvement, not the PIF. Larkin links Pavelić’s anti-contractor stance to Turn Lake’s donations to VP Redfield. President Travers summons Sutherland and Larkin. Maddie’s secret relationship with her art teacher leads to her abduction by an associate tied to the metro bombing.

Sutherland and Larkin uncover Redfield’s ties to Turn Lake Industries. Sutherland exposes Farr’s complicity when she mentions Larkin’s trooper escort. Cisco is killed, prompting Sutherland’s escape. Larkin and Sutherland confront and defeat Dale. They find refuge on a boat, tending to Sutherland’s wounds. Arrington and Monks investigate Maddie’s kidnapping. Redfield falsely implicates Sutherland in Maddie’s disappearance during a press conference.

A haunting flashback reveals Sarah’s drowning due to her father’s negligence. Arrington and Monks probe an environmentalist group linked to Maddie’s teacher. Kidnapper Matteo demands Redfield’s confession to the metro bombing. Wick discloses damning nanny cam footage to Farr. Ellen pressures Wick for Matteo’s location. Worley is revealed as Matteo, a Turn Lake ex-employee and the metro bomber, declared legally dead. Sutherland and Larkin are arrested by Arrington and Monks.

Colin Worley assumed his twin brother’s identity after a mistaken death. Sutherland, Larkin, Arrington, and Monks investigate a second attack. Arrington reveals she guarded PIF leader Zadar during the bombing, suggesting he was the target. President Travers wants an alliance, but Redfield disagrees. Maddie’s secret message helps her rescue, with Ellen and Worley losing their lives.

Redfield admits to orchestrating the bombing with Wick to eliminate Zadar, prompting Farr’s reluctant involvement. Sutherland and Larkin seek refuge with Sutherland’s godfather, Jim. Arrington aims to reveal the truth to President Travers but is redirected. Wick plans a second attack on Zadar, while Larkin discovers evidence implicating Farr. They deduce the threat to Travers and gain Farr’s cooperation.

Arrington, Maddie, and Redfield head to Camp David. Redfield locks Maddie in a panic room, fearing Travers. Farr helps Sutherland and Larkin infiltrate Camp David. Almora is killed, and a threat to Travers is revealed. Sutherland foils an assassination attempt on Marine One. Larkin spares Farr, and Maddie agrees to testify. Wick escapes, and Travers recruits Sutherland as a Night Agent. In a relationship with Larkin, Sutherland embarks on his first mission.

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