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June 9, 2023.
Crime, Action.
Kim Joo-hwan.
Woo Do-hwan, Lee Sang-yi, Park Sung-woong, Huh Joon-ho.

Bloodhounds : story

In the web series  “Bloodhounds,”- In a gritty urban setting, two aspiring boxers, driven by their dreams and fueled by their determination, form an unlikely alliance with a compassionate moneylender. Together, they unite their strengths to confront a merciless loan shark who preys upon those in dire financial straits. With the tenacity of bloodhounds, they pursue justice in a world where survival is a constant battle, fighting not just for their own redemption but for the entire community trapped in the loan shark’s suffocating grip.

Bloodhounds : season 1

Season 1

8 Episode

Bloodhounds : season 1

Following an exhilarating boxing bout, Kim Gun-woo forms a close friendship with Hong Woo-jin. As the ambitions of Kim Myeong-gil come into sharp focus, a dangerous game of tactics and strategy begins to unfold, testing their loyalties and bonds in unexpected ways.

Gun-woo seeks help from Choi Tae-ho to resolve his mother’s debt. Meanwhile, Myeong-gil experiences a humiliating encounter with Hong Min-beom, fueling his thirst for revenge.

Gun-woo and Woo-jin devise a plan to dismantle the scam ring, while Myeong-gil gains the advantage over Min-beom.

Following a close call, President Choi devises his own operation. However, as their plans begin to unfold, they encounter formidable obstacles posed by their adversaries.

Having narrowly evaded a looming threat, the group intensifies their training in preparation for the challenges ahead. Meanwhile, President Choi and his team focus on extracting crucial information.

The group rejoices as they prepare for their upcoming strategy. Meanwhile, Myeong-gil, now more exposed than ever, sets his sights on President Choi and his team of guards.

After a devastating setback, Gun-woo and Woo-jin are determined to make a strong comeback. They eventually join forces with an unexpected ally to seek their revenge.

They gather information, formulating a final plan to dismantle Myeong-gil’s empire. Along the way, they gain an unexpected ally in Detective Park, a relentless officer determined to see justice served. With their forces combined, they prepare for the ultimate showdown, ready to confront Myeong-gil and end his reign of terror.

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